Lozai the White

Devotee of Shinrai of the Nine Immortals


Cleric, level 2
XP: 2,139
Alignment: Lawful
HP: 10
THAC0: 19
Combat movement: 40’
AC: 2

Str: 11
Dex: 08
Con: 14 (1)
Int: 10
Wis: 14 (1)
Cha: 07

Saving Throws
Breath Attacks 16
Poison or Death 11
Petrify or Paralyze 14
Wands 12
Spells or Spell-like Devices 15

Special Items

-Lozai runs an orphanage in the town of White Fall, dedicated to the memory of White Fall’s mayor’s son, Shin Nakamura. Children are raised there until they are old enough to apprentice, at which point they are sent out to learn a trade. There is an emphasis on adherence to the laws of the Nine Immortals, and those who wish to become members of the clergy are given extra resources and instruction.


Lozai, born Gong Yusheng, grew up as the second son of a minor daifu, Gong Xue, in service to the town of Tien Shih in the Mandarinate of Xian. His conception was neither planned nor particularly desired, as Xue was a second-generation daifu himself, and it would take all the connections he could muster to make sure his first son, Wencheng, could also rise to his station. Concerned for their lineage, Xue hired a diviner, who told him that his second son would toil his entire life, only to offer the Gong name no honor.

Thus, Yusheng’s childhood was spent in the presence of people who did not want him so much as fear his potential. His need were provided for, but his wants were largely ignored. He became a quiet, contemplative sort who took solace in his loneliness and read more in his childhood than many do in a lifetime. When he let his parents know in his teenage years that he had been hearing a voice in his mind calling his brother Wencheng’s name, they were worried more about Yusheng’s sanity than about the omen itself. When Wencheng died in his sleep that night, they cast Yusheng out, deciding that the grim prophecy offered by the diviner had been fulfilled already. His childhood would shape Yusheng into a reserved, resigned person who accepted that tragedy is an inevitable part of life and the larger cycle it is part of.

In his travels, Yusheng would try a variety of professions, only to find that every path he tried was doomed to failure. When he fished, his catches were decayed and rotten. When he farmed, the soil was dead and dry. When he stole, his prizes were worthless trinkets. Long after most would have simply given up on life, Yusheng began to curse his fate, asking the Nine Immortals why they had doomed him to wander the world if they would provide no way for him to find happiness. As he lamented, he was approached by a figure in a white robe with a dead antelope slung over her shoulder. She was unusually interested in hearing Yusheng’s story as she led him to a small shrine on a little-traveled road.

Months later, after much testing, teaching, and scholarly debate, she revealed herself as Kuanyin, one of the tulpas of Shinrai, manifested in order to offer Yusheng the chance to dedicate himself to the service of White God of ending and negation. His duty would be to show the world that the Nine Immortals, especially Shinrai, had not forgotten the Sunset Isles, and to purge that which went against the natural order of life and death wherever he found it. Taking a priestly name, “Lozai”, a poetic rendering of the self-evident wisdom granted by calamity and loss, the diviner’s prophecy was finally fulfilled.

Lozai would strike out on his own, providing his services to those in need as he journeyed from troubled town to troubled town. After a few years of tending to his people in the Mandarinate of Xian, he was directed by a brilliant white comet to a region the gods had seemingly forgotten in recent years: the Westmark. Here, he has found his calling with a strange group of adventurers, purging Tide Cults and undead wherever he meets them. When he finds the time, he muses upon the nature of death, ending, negation, and the Nine Immortals in general, penning his aphorisms and meditations in hopes of later publishing them for the public.

Lozai’s Ten Paths

1. The good adherent must offer fealty and worship to Shinrai daily.
2. The good adherent must offer Shinrai’s mercy to anyone dead or dying, regardless of station.
3. The good adherent must comfort the dying in any way he can, even if they do not accept Shinrai’s light.
4. The good adherent must attempt to lead others to the path of Shinrai’s grace, but cannot force them.
5. The good adherent must never refuse a request for funeral rites.
6. The good adherent must kill those whose time has come. Shinrai has marked for death any who would harm one of his own cloth.
7. The good adherent must never accept payment for healing. Any other reward must be put at least in part toward the worldly concerns of Shinrai.
8. The good adherent must remove undead from the world of the living.
9. The good adherent must not create life; however, he must care for what life there is, so long as it does not harm the natural order.
10. The good adherent must embody the grace of the Nine Immortals in every circumstance not covered by the Ten Paths; that grace is always to be found within.

Lozai the White

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