Gareth Ironhand

Enslaved Master Craftsman, now free


Dwarf, level 2
XP: 2,187
Alignment: Lawful
HP: 13
THAC0: 19
Combat movement: 30’
AC: 7

Str: 13 (1)
Dex: 12
Con: 16 (3)
Int: 10
Wis: 09
Cha: 08

Saving Throws
Breath Attacks 13
Poison or Death 8
Petrify or Paralyze 13
Wands 13
Spells or Spell-like Devices 15

Special Items

  • Smithing Hammer
    -Once used to forge weapons for the shou, now used to bash their skulls

Came to Iswitch with his brother nearly a year ago to redesign the crane system. However before their work began they were abducted by a Shou raiding party. Now both are forced to work for their cruel captors.

Gareth Ironhand

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