Roll Damn Tide

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Tidal Caves
The First Adventure

The party was relaxing in, Poor Chans Pour House, one of White Falls many drinking holes when a commotion was heard outside. Kobolds were raiding the outlying tents built around the town. The melee was one sided and the kobolds were quickly scattered.

Nomelach used Charm Person to bend one of the raiders to his will and convinced him that it was in his best and monetary interests to help the party. Toby, the newly named kobold, readily agreed and joined them so long as the Charm would last.

When the dust finally settled a number of the townsfolk lay slain on the ground and the Mayors son Shin Nakamoto was missing. After being promised a great reward for the return of his son the party agreed to track down the remaining kobolds to find him.

Toby led them west into the foothills where his tribe was camped but before they could get close the party heard a disturbing noise coming from behind a wall of vegetation. Bergfin bounded through heedless of danger to find young Shins body being torn at by tide infested dogs. After slaying the dogs the body and area was inspected, they boy had been slain with a sharp blade and left on the ground. Surely not the work of kobolds. Blood and tracks lead away.

Following the tracks the party came to a cliff face, behind a boulder they found a small entrance leading into a natural cave. They faced many natural hazards within, with one of their number a stout dwarf named Yosif Tinspike falling to a horde of rats.

Yosif was not the first to succumb to the swarm as they found the gnawed on body of a Makerite paladin deeper in their warren. A powerful yet mysterious blade was found clutched in his hand.

Further down they came across a great spider who had captured a halfling adventurer in it’s webs after defeating the arachnid and reviving the halfling he decided to throw his lot in with them. Safety in numbers.

Finally they found the secret lair of the tide cult, after defeating the guards the party came to a small room with a captive tied and left on the ground. A quick search of his body reveled the affliction of the tide and his cheap rouse was seen through. Although a powerful mage he didn’t stand a chance against. The room turned up a small amount of treasure and a pair of maps, one leading to a Shou war camp to the east the other to a fabled monastery.

Upon exiting the cave they were met with heavy resistance as the remainder of the tide cult returned. Their back literally to the wall they were forced to fight. Their opponents were defeated by some scurried away to spread their disease elsewhere.

Mayor Nakamoto while distressed over his sons death was far more concerned about the red tides influence so close to his town. He asked for discretion from the party and sealed the deal with a silver ingot each. Steven Atwater and Lozai decided to invest in the town of White Fall with their new found boon founding a Mercenary Company and a Orphanage respectively.

Lozai lead the group in a small ceremony for the boy to lead his soul to it’s needed rest.


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